Reading – 22.00USD 

Things to consider: 

Before paying for a reading, please read my about section.  

Send me your full name, date of birth, and a brief information as to what you would like the reading session about on the form provided below. Please take note that the amount above is only for one topic per session.  If you want to have a reading for another subject, then you have to do another transaction.  

Reading report and the spread are sent to your email address.  

Pay the asking amount via PayPal using my email address:  As soon as I received your receipt from PayPal, I would then send you an email as to when you will receive the reading report and the spread.  Also, make sure that the name you provided to me will be the same on your PayPal receipt to avoid confusion.

The way I conduct a reading is through tuning in to your current energy and look at any possible obstacles or challenges that stands in the way to your joy, power and success, and eventually find a better way for you to overcome it.  After the reading session, our celestial team will energetically send you angelic healings, protection, unconditional love and light to help clear any unnecessary energies that no longer serves your purest good and ultimately restore and recharge your auric field.  

Please give me at least 48 hrs to get back to you as chances are we live in a different timezone.

Thank you and blessings to you always.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am proud to announce that I am one of the blessed soul to be endorsed and be listed on Kyle Grays Certified Practitioner Website Page. Visit: