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Sept. 16-22, 2018

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Sept. 16-22, 2018 

The strong theme on this weeks reading is about relationships in any form, may it be to yourself, family, friends, relatives, and even co-workers.  On last weeks reading I pointed out a very challenging shadow side of us.  And it may be hard to swallow to learn the truth, however, it also gave us the opportunity to not only change our behavior, but also improved our ability to relate to others and of course to ourselves.  Our renewed spirit and a brand new frame of mind will now open us up to attract more love, beauty, grace, contentment, peace and joy in our space.

For those of you who were able to forgive those who have wronged or hurt you in the past, you are so blessed!  You are the true master and the enlightened one.  Your love and light so great and vast that you bring healing and positive energy on the planet and also to humanity.  Keep on shining my friend!

Many of you are getting more unruffled and certain about what you want to do in your life at this time.  You are more determined than ever in following your true calling.  Everything you need will be given to you without exerting any effort.  A very powerful week for you indeed!

Some of you will be pushed to a different direction this week.  It is important for you to trust the unknown, and allow yourself to be led by the Divine force within. The detour will bring about a great reward and success to your journey.  Stay alert and keep a sober mind so you that you can adjust to this new territory you are about to enter.

Intimate relationships will be experiencing a new level of connection towards one another this week.  It is important to keep the romance alive and exciting.  Appreciate one another and express your passion through an honest and open communication and attend to each others needs.  Take the time to really give your full attention to your partner, and truly connect to one another in order to build a solid foundation to your partnership.  For those who are single out there,  do not worry and even sweat on this subject, for the right one is just around the corner for you.  Keep yourself sharp, seductive and of course truthful.

Those of you who are working as a social worker, coach/mentors, or therapist, you are being encouraged to look after your well-being.  While it is not easy for you to detach yourself from your profession at times, however, it is important that you always remember to be objective and exercise a solid boundaries to those individuals that you are trying to help or rescue.

This spread brings you the blessings of love and good health in your life at this time.  You will find yourself surrounded with individuals that will bring the best of you this week.  You are also being encouraged to believe and trust in your dreams and ideas. You are truly gifted and an important part of this universe that we all live in.  Stay humble and grateful for all that you have or will have in your life at all times.  As you do, you not only raises your vibration, you are lifting up others as well.

Let us channel the energies of the spread in to our lives this week.  And practice tolerance, compassion and generosity to those who are going through rough times in their lives.  Lastly, trust and have faith that you are always safe, protected, blessed and worthy enough.  Invite also in your guardian angels into your life, and allow them to guide you in a daily basis.  Peace and Love be with you always my friends!

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Weekly reading

September 9 – 15, 2018

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Sept. 9 – 15, 2018

Such an interesting spread we have for this week.  Its so brutally on point, yet I have a feeling that  some will not be willing to admit it.  We all have the tendency to obsess, get attached and lastly think little of our self.  But the truth is we are all spiritual beings in nature.  We are part and one with the Universe or Divine.  The past and future are pretty much no value in a sense.  What really matters for each of us lies in the now.  Our present moment.  When you allow yourself to open up to the gift of the present moment, your divine being will then emerges, and you will immediately feel empowered by the experience.  Try it!

For some of you, the first card is a great reminder that success, prosperity, victory or whatever it is that you desire to happen in your life are pretty much possible to manifest.  How? Know what you truly and honestly want and need in your life.  Connect with your heart and listen to it.  The treasure you are looking for is in the center of your heart.  Once you find it, you can now start taking conscious steps and actions to go forward with it.

Now this may sound harsh and insensitive in a way but I really have to share this.  For some, you are being reminded to work on your jealousy, insecurities and unnecessary attachments to people or accumulation of things.  Especially those who hoards excessively (I am very guilty on this part because I have an addiction to oracle and tarot decks), and to those who clings to their partner in an unhealthy manner.  And for those who have been dumped by their partner, or perhaps your partner cheated on you.  Before you react to it, take a deep breathe and be real with yourself here.  You are the reason why this happens.  Whether you admit to this or not. You need to hear the truth so that you can choose to either change your behavior or stay your way.  And just put the blame on others.  Your choice. For others, who are doing all the best to please your partner, yet somehow still have the audacity to cheat on you.  You can either dump your partner, or forgive your partner.  Again it´s your choice.

 The majority of you are very fortunate to be able to continue in the cycle of abundance and over all well being.  And the energy of nine of cups for me, speaks about wishes being fulfilled.  Prayers are being heard and answered.  Fruitful and brilliant ideas that could potentially generate an overflowing of income.  It could also be for some, a wedding proposal or perhaps a new job or promotion of some sort.  For others, this card could point you to the right farm house you are thinking to manage or maybe purchase.  Or finding a new place to run a business.  Basically, this is a card that brings you what you need in the right moment.  So this is the focal part on this weeks reading.  We are indeed very much blessed, loved, protected and safe.  The Universe are truly co-creating with us on a daily basis, and The Divine wants the best for us all.

This is a week of change and transitions in every ways for many.  For others, you will feel a sudden shift in your way of thinking.  And this shift will ultimately lead you towards your goal in life.  Many will experience some sense of clarity and freedom in their lives this week.  Especially those who were able to let go of their emotional baggages from the past.  Definitely a quiet and peaceful time for many of us.  Harmony and unity are also very much strong for many in terms of family life, intimate relationship and your career.  An absolute easy and inspiring week!

Let us do our best to act and think right this week.  Be kind and practice tolerance to one another. Let us be brave enough to admit to our mistakes and shortcomings, so that we can make way to improve our lives in a positive way.  Peace and love be with you always!

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Weekly reading

Sept. 2-8, 2018

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Sept. 2 – 8, 2018

Weekly reading

Looks like we are going to be busy this week as always.  Many of you will be presented with loads of projects, business opportunities and great employment offer that will absolutely bring about tremendous financial gain and stability in your life.  Your passion, drive and tenacity to succeed in every way possible are very much the driving force behind your grand slam accomplishments.  Keep your mind super focus and charge with confidence and courage.

This week will be very intense for most of us, but in a good and positive way.  The Universal energies will be directing you to the places, people and situations that will help your life prosper and ultimately live with purpose.  Exercise flexibility and adaptability so that you can work your way through these fierce energies this week.   

For some of you are being reminded to work on your priority list, and make sure you are only taking up what matters to you most.  Divide your time effectively and wisely.  Stick to your plan to avoid exhaustion and the possibility of burning yourself out at the end.  Self-love and care must be a top priority always.

Avoid people, places and situations that could potentially drain the life out of you.  If you are expose to a working environment that are pretty much in competition with each other, as supposed to work as a team, then you have to either walk away from it, or make it a mission to bring light and love to your colleagues.  Do not let their behavior get to you, and just put your attention to the task that are assigned to you for the day.  Pour out your love and light to your work place to dispel any unwanted vibe in the space.  You can also put some crystal stones on your working table to bring harmony, peace and balance to the place.  This is where your tolerance and compassion could really put into practice.  Isn´t that exciting!

Some of you are being called to fight for those you are experiencing injustice, neglect and rejection from either our society or government institutions.  Be the voice of those who are being deprived of their rights in any form.  Or perhaps you have a friend or someone you know who are experiencing some kind of abuse and neglect.  Do not keep this to yourself.  Reach out to any authorities that handles these cases.

Others are being encouraged to make sure you are in the right mind when making decisions that could potentially alter yours or someone else´s life.  Impulsive actions could either contribute to the situation in a positive way, or the other way around.  Take the time to pause and contemplate on the issue.  I am sensing you or someone close to you suddenly decides to move to a new location or some sort.  Hoping for a fresh start perhaps.  Only you who knows the correct way to do it.

It is possible for some of you to meet someone new this week.  This individual could either come from a foreign land or from another state or district.  My advise, take it slow, and just enjoy the getting to know each other kind of energy.  If you are currently in a happy relationship,  it is likely that you are both planning a short road trip, or literally taking a horse back riding activity by the end of the week.  Hiking are also a great idea to spend time together.

This is a week of taking actions to further enhance your skills and talents.  These energies are bringing you the inspirations, progress, stability and strong drive to attain great things in this world.  Expect to feel more confident, in alignment to your own truth, in high spirit, vigor and waggish.  The only thing you should be concerned though, or at least be aware of during this time, is that you must spend your money wisely.  Remember to save up a couple of hundreds, or at least make it last until the next pay check.

Start your week with a positive mind set and cheerfulness.  Positive thoughts attracts positive experiences.

Have a great week and blessings to you always! I love you all!


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Weekly reading

August 26 – September 1, 2018

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Weekly reading:  August 26 – September 1, 2018

The guidance for this week is reminding you to trust that you are exactly where you supposed to be at this very moment.  Do not let doubt or restlessness distract you from your intended plan of actions this week.  However, patience is still required as everything happens in Divine order.

For some who are looking for a job this week, the possibility of being hired are very strong.  So make sure you are at your best when you present yourself during a job interview.

For those who are going through court battle this week, know that justice will be served in your favor, that is of course if you are the true victim on this matter, however, if you are on the other side of the court, then expect paying your due.

To those who are experiencing a feeling of doubt or uncertainties at the moment, know that you do not have to go through this alone.  Reach out to someone to confide in your struggles and challenges, and allow them to help you overcome it.  Or perhaps go and seek professional help of some sort.  You can also ask your guardian angels to help you ease your heart and mind.  Allow their unconditional love and light wrap around your Being, and know that they will keep you safe and protected always.

Live a life in accordance to what you intuitively know is right and fair for you.  Do not let your problems take hold of you, and make you snapped to your kids, your partner, co-workers, the cashier or to the person next to you.  Contain your emotions, and react to the situation accordingly and calmly as possible.

For some of you this is going to be a week where you will see an improvement in your current mood that will then help you attract more joy and ultimately contentment.  I see you getting more and more attractive and others will find you very interesting.  I also sense for some of you a form of recognition or perhaps rewards for a job well done.  Many will definitely complete a project that will result on money flowing to you.

To some this is a reading that  encourages you to understand the reason why you are feeling a little apprehensive about something or someone.  Is your suspicion base on facts? If so, then there is no need for you to distrust your ability to evaluate or assess the situation you are in this week.  Do what is needed to be done here.

Practice the art of patience, and allow the right Divine timing to unfold organically.  Learn the joy of waiting, for it will be worth the wait for sure.  Lastly, make sure that your judgment are base on love and with an intention to either help and better yourself or others.  Otherwise, keep your judgment to yourself to avoid causing hurt and insult.  Remember this when you dismiss or dishonor others, your vibration weakens.

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 I invite you as well to read the September reading I posted here to get an additional guidance or insights that will help you navigate your energies to the right direction.

I love you all and God bless!

Monthly Reading

September 2018 reading

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You are being encouraged to follow your souls yearning for a meaningful life.  However form this may be for you, now is the time to pursue it.  For some, this could be in a form of joining a group of people, foundations or movements that resonates with your mission in life.

This is a great time for many to reduce unhealthy distractions into their lives, and get back to the root of your true nature of being.  Do not let the outer circumstances overwhelm you or take control of you.  Focus your attention to your over all well being emotionally and psychologically.   Make it a mission to know yourself first and foremost, for when you do, you are more than ready and equipped to move forward on which ever path you may choose to.

For some this is a message to tapped into your spirit and animal guides, for they are there with you always to assists you towards your greatness.  Don´t think for a second that you are alone in this world, for you are not.  Every soul on this realm has it´s own celestial beings of higher power around them, so make use of their wisdom and power to your advantage.

As I tune in to this card, the strong message I am getting for this month is for us to find some form of practice that will enrich our life in a emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual level.  We are all being reminded to be more aware of our actions, thoughts and deeds in our daily lives.  Make it a habit to sincerely serve yourself and others with pure intention.  And of course, give thanks and gratitude to the Universe for keeping you blessed, safe and protected everyday.

This card could also be a reminder for some to act on your plan to travel to a place that is meaningful to you.  There is a reason why you are being pushed to get to this special place.  Not only it will bring comfort to you, but help you get a new perspective in life.  For others, this is a card that encourages you to adopt a pet, or do a volunteer work in an animal shelter near you.

Others are also being reminded to look after your aging parents, relatives or even friends.  Give them a visit or a call once in a while, just to check up on them.  Your gesture will help them feel loved, cared and appreciated.

Let us all welcome the month of September with joy, appreciation and enthusiasm. Make your life journey a fun and exciting one!

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Blessings to all!

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