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November 2018

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November 2018

Unconditional love, spiritual upgrade and detraction from an egoistic thinking are few of the gifts that Kali-Ma will be bringing into our lives this month of November.  Kali-Ma is the Hindu goddess of death and re-birth.  She is a powerful and loving energy of Being that you can call upon to help you face your fears and anxieties head on.  Her presence encourages you to step into a place of courage, power and also to embrace your capacity to a life full of potentialities and possibilities.

November is associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio and ruled by the element of water.  This energy could likely make some individuals experience different kinds of intense and possibly a few unfavorable emotional issues this month. It is crucial at this point to be very mindful of your feelings and how you relate to others.  Spirituality will also come into the equation at this time for some group of people.  It is indeed a great time to engage in any spiritual group, or find a spiritual teacher to help you walk through towards your spiritual path.

Healing and restoration in the mind, body and spirit are very strong for many of us this month.  I feel that most of you are now starting to awaken to the true nature of your Being, and you are no longer influenced by the old conditioning of your past.  You are now aligning yourself based on how you know yourself, as supposed to what others expects you to be.  However, you are not done yet, as there are more to know and discover about yourself.  This is only to give you a heads up that you are in fact advancing at this point.   

For others who are experiencing lack of directions in life, know that this won’t last forever.  Use this down time moment to really connect to the Divine or your guardian angels.  You do not have to raise your vibration, to feel, hear and even see your angels or any celestial beings of love and light.  They are with you always whether you are happy or in despair.  It is only a matter of your own willingness to let them in to your space, and allow them to comfort and give you the strength you needed to withstand a challenging period in your life.

The color red on this card are very strong and pretty dominant in my opinion.  This could represent a more passionate and loving period in your marriage or with your current partner.  It even invokes a feeling of falling in love with life itself.  The petals and flames represents creativity, a boost in confidence, great health and increase in financial flow for you this month.  The eight skulls implies inner wisdom, bliss and the ability to manifest your hearts desire into reality.  The blue color in the background will help you attract trusting and loyal people into your space.  To some, this is a sign that you will meet a potential love partner this month.  Wearing red or blue clothes will help you stand out and more appealing.

Be watchful for individuals who have the tendency to either manipulate you or sabotage your accomplishments because of their inability to achieve great things on their own.  It is very important to be very meticulous on who you surround yourself with at this time.  Try to share as little information as possible about you on social media or any public forums or groups in the internet, for you never know who could be behind the machine.   

This is a great month to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and scented candles to help elevate your mood and bring a cozy ambiance into your home.  This is also a great time to experiment on any exotic food of your choice, and invite in some friends or family in your place to make them taste your new found love in cooking or to show off the culinary side of you.

A very prosperous time indeed for many musical artists, restaurant owners or catering services, fashion and jewelry designing, flower shops and even transportation companies.  Make up industries and hair salons are also on its finest moment at this time.  If you are thinking of getting a tattoo or piercing, now is the time to do so.  A favorable time for make overs as well.  Consider a new sense of style in fashion or maybe different hair cut for you, just to give your aura a fresh look.

This is a very creative period for many of us this month.  Transformations in mind, body and spirit are the high lights at this time.  These changes will help you perk up that glow and a new positive mindset in life.  Family and friends get together are very strong as well, especially those residing in USA for your upcoming Thanksgiving celebration.   In some part of the world, people are now busy with Christmas decorations and even early xmas shopping for their loved ones and friends.  A very festive time indeed!  Definitely we have so much to look forward to this month.  Best wishes to all Scorpions out there!!

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Thank you for your love and support to my work.  I really appreciate it a lot.  Photo taken by yours truly.  Blessings to all!!

DISCLAIMER:  The above reading is not meant to predict the future, nor must be taken literally.  You and the Divine alone has the power to direct your life in every way possible.  The Reading today are solely based on what cards have been drawn, and interprets the energies that surrounds it.  The intention of the reading is to give us  guidelines and insights from any possible given collective energies of the day.

Weekly reading

Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 2018

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Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 2018 

The spread for this week will help you heal and move on from any situations or circumstances that have brought you into an enigmatic period in your life.  You are now entering into a new positive phase full of power, inner wisdom and ultimately a very majestic time for you.   Expect to have more mental, spiritual and emotional clarity from this on forward. 

Married or unmarried couple are very much strong and connected at this time.  Keep on stimulating and nurturing one another to ensure a loving, fun and exciting time together.  For others, who are experiencing discords and misunderstandings in your relationship, know that this will eventually work out fine and will potentially make your love and commitment to each other more stronger than ever.

For some, you are being encouraged to avoid making up stories and gossiping about others behind their back or involving yourself in any dramas that has nothing to do with you at all.  It is very immature and it will drive people away from you.  If you want to win or attract people in your life, you have to speak the language of love and pay reverence to others.  Or else you will run the risk of being alone, rejected and unwanted.  You don’t have to go down that road.  Be true and be loving!

If by chance you are thinking of walking away from a dreary environment, or perhaps a career that no longer gives you the burning sensations, goosebumps or some kind of a pulse, then you can take this spread as a sign or confirmation to do so.  You do not have to keep yourself in a colorless and stagnant zone.  There is more opportunities out there waiting for you to come across that will spark or accelerate not just your creative flow, but also take you on a high level of rank or status.

The card in the middle came up in reversed position, in which it strongly reminds us to pay attention to any divine guidance and insights that our spirit are trying to tell us.  Try jotting down any dreams and visions that comes to you, as these are tools and divine assistance that needed to any of your concerns or prayers.  It could also that you are trying to ignore the signs that the Universe is trying to send you because you are too invested with what you want to happen, instead of allowing a better outcome for you.

This is also a week that reminds us all to remember and to give honor and thanksgiving to our beloved ancestors, family and friends and even our animal spirits that are now residing in the house of our Divine.  Lit a white candle and offer them fresh flowers to commemorate their loving and peaceful contributions to our life, our planet and beyond.

Trick or treating are just around the corner and lots of kids are very much looking forward to this day.  Make sure you are loaded with goodies and a few tricks for kids that will be banging up your door this halloween.  I for sure enjoy this event so much, and pretty excited opening up my entrance door, carrying with me a small container full of goodies to give away to different kids dressed up to the occasion.  It makes me so happy, cheerful and very entertained.  I’m sure most of you are now planning a halloween party of your own for close friends and even colleagues.  A very festive week indeed!

As we are now approaching the ending of the month of October, keep only with you the positive lessons and happy memories that you encounter during this period.  Leave behind what must be left behind, and open your arms to what the month of November will bring upon you.  I have a strong feeling that it is going to be a very favorable, peppy and vivacious week for us all.  Absolutely fun week for everyone!

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Thank you for your love and support to my work my friends.  I really appreciate it a lot. Photos taken by yours truly.  Blessings to you always!

Weekly reading

Oct. 22-28, 2018

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Oct. 22 – 28, 2018 

The spread for us this week is bringing us the contentment, satisfaction, abundance, and over all well being in every level in our lives at this time.  Take a moment to relax and just feel and appreciate  the wonders and beauty in your life.  Your continuous effort, faithfulness and loyalty to what is true to you are now coming into fruition.

The first card symbolizes our unyielding expansion and development in our journey in this lifetime.  We are all being encouraged to keep on planting the good seeds in order to reap a great outcome in our lives.  And, if for whatever reason you are not manifesting your hearts desire at this time, take your time to really examine and evaluate your approach to your goals in life.  Are you being realistic and true to your intentions?  Or perhaps your expectation is too high or hard to achieve? Sometimes a few slight adjustment on the formula can really do wonders and gives a better result in the end.

I love the fact that the seven of pentacles came up in our spread this week, for this is a great indication of achieving a great reward for a job well done.  It´s also a card that tells us not do grow weary on doing good in general.  As well as to get grounded and humble in every way possible.  In addition, it tells us that we need to keep our plans and ideas to ourselves for now, and wait for the right divine timing to share or broadcast it to the world.  And most of all, it reminds us that patience and diligent planning are the key factor towards a sustainable and stable living condition.

Many of you will be on top of your game and feeling very energized at this time.  Advancement in any professional field are very much strong as well.  Especially those who works in agriculture or land and development sectors.  If you are planning on opening up an organic food or any natural chemical free products or materials, know that this is going to be to a hit and ultimately will lead people into a more healthy lifestyles.   

For others you are being encouraged to take a few days off from work to spend quality time with your family or your spouse just to connect more and build a stronger bond in your relationship.  A spiritual retreat or spa treatment centre are also ideal this week, or do some full moon rituals on Wednesday if you have one.  Loads of self love and care are also called for.

A magnificent time for single out there to make yourself look very available, for the chances of meeting someone new is likely high.  Joining groups that are interesting for you are also a great platform to get to meet new friends.  It´s time to expand your horizon and be an active participant in finding your soul mate.  Carrying a small rose quartz crystal everywhere you go could be helpful too.  You can also call upon Archangel Chamuel to help you attract the true love you deserve.

A very rich and blessed week indeed for us all.  Let us continue keeping our heart and mind in the state of love and light always.  And know that the Universe, our Divine and angels are constantly on our side at all times.

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Weekly reading

Oct. 15 – 21, 2018

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Oct. 15 – 21, 2018 

The spread for us this week is reminding us that we are all created Divine and connected with everything there is as a whole.  We are sent to this lifetime to really make a difference in every way possible.  Each of us has a major role to play to ensure that our existence along with the planet or the Universe will continue to grow, evolve and expand in a grand way.  So the question now is who am I and what is my role?  How can I make a difference? And where will I begin? 

The energies lately has been really intense and powerful, and I sense it will continue to be so in weeks to follow.  Many are being pushed and even forced to break free from an outdated way of thinking and ineffective ways of living life.  This is a very potent time to give birth to the new YOU.  You are being encouraged to re-invent your life according to your hearts yearning, and take action to accomplish your dreams and goals you set for yourself.

The Universe and your guides will be directing you to the path of what you are called to do on this lifetime.  And the best way to know what this may be for you is through alone time, isolated from the noise and distractions of this busy world.  For only in stillness you will hear the voice of your heart and your spirit guides.

For some of you who are wanting to get pregnant, the first card is definitely a confirmation that you will indeed.  This is also a card that suggests to do some chakra cleansing, healing and recharging to get your mind, body and soul flow in a balanced and harmonious way.  As often times, when one of the chakras are either closed or overactive, the energy movement in our bodies becomes clogged and it could affect our over all well-being.  There are many different modalities out there that you can apply and practice for yourself, or you could also try to find someone who are expert on this subject.  Cutting the cords of your past are also called for.  Call upon Archangel Michael to help free you from the bondage of your past, and feel the lightness and easiness on your shoulder after.  Ask also Archangel Uriel to illuminate your mind and heart so that you can go forward with ease and confidence.

Many of you will be entering a new phase in your life at this time.  This could be interpreted in many different ways here for each of you since this is after all a general reading, and I am picking up different kinds of scenarios from several individuals.  Nevertheless, this is definitely a positive thing indeed.  The portal of possibilities and abundance in every aspect of your life will be presented to you here.  A possible overseas employment or getting your degree from another state or country are very strong as well.  It also indicates an opportunity to travel to the places you wish to see and experience.

Trading or selling products or any form of services could potentially reach around the globe. Photographer, journalist, artist, free thinkers, scientist, doctors and scholars, or any product influencer or models are very much in the cycle of earning great financial boom and loads of projects to work on, and/or possibly receiving a prestigious award for their work or creation.

Others will be confident and equipped enough to take the leap of faith, no matter how odd this may be.  You are very much certain that your ideas or inventions are bound to succeed and rewards you the stability and a solid financial security for you.  Collaborations of people or groups from different sector are very much strong and likely to occur this week or at least before the end of the year.  Shipments and other form  of import and export establishments are definitely on a roll and very much packed with so much boost and upswing financial gain.  Tourism or travel agencies are also expected to flourish and will intensify more in the years to come.

This is a week of self-discovery, taking risks, boldness and the strong will in making your vision come to life.  Now is the perfect moment for you to shine your light and make the move that will bring forth the result you want and desires.  It is not enough to just visualize the person or the life you wanted to experience, you have to take that step in making it visible and tangible.  You are not just motivated and ready to soar high, but you are also focus and determined to bring heaven on earth.  Impossible means Im-possible and capable of creating a life full of magic, excitement, abundance, joy, inner peace and a meaningful life.

Thank you for your love and support to my work.  I really appreciate it a lot.  Peace and Love be with you always my friends.

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Weekly reading

Oct. 8-14, 2018

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Oct. 8-14, 2018

This spread is bringing you both practical and clever resolutions to whatever complicated issues that will be presented to you this week.  Yes, it may feel exhausting and probably energy draining for you, but there is no predicament that you won´t be able to handle and deal with.  You are strong and wise person, and will always overcome any concerns that comes your way.

You are being encouraged to stay calm and keep a sharp mind at this time, so that you can act accordingly and effectively on the issues at hand.  If you do not have to respond right away to the situation, then that´s good, for this will give you the time to come up with a better solution on the matter.  Use this moment to still your heart and mind, and allow the wisdom and knowledge to come through you.  Ask your angels to reveal to you what you needed to know with regards to your concerns.

For some of you who are facing financial strain or health issues at this time, know that help is possible for you.  Do not be afraid to seek professional advice from different institutions or public offices with regards to your status.  Or perhaps, try some alternative approach to your health problems.  There are tons of different tactics and strategies that you can use in order to improve your life.  You just have to be willing to look for it, and find which one will actually works for you.  Be open to trying new concepts and ideas that could potentially change your circumstances in a positive and prosperous way.

For some of you, you will be pushed to make a move to expand your horizon.  You are becoming more and more clear with what you want to achieve and do with your life.  You are now free of the pain of your past, and will no longer play the role of a victim.  You are refreshed, rejuvenated and determined to commit in creating an abundant and colorful life for you.  Positive opportunities will be showing up for you this week.

This is a time for many to discard any old limiting beliefs about yourself.  Throw away that no longer serves your highest good and start building a solid foundation of who you truly are.  Live consciously and be mindful of the choices you will make now and in the future so that you can experience a life with no regrets and resentments attached to it.

This week make sure that you are making a decision from a place of love and truth, instead of fear and despair.  Try to be honest with yourself and others.  If you are suffering from any form of addiction in gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping or whatever unhealthy pattern you may have, then now is the time to do something about it to stop further pain and suffering for both you and your loved ones.

You are being reminded as well that any unnecessary worries and anxieties will not help your situation to improve.  Be aware or conscious of your challenging conditions, then take responsible actions to ensure better outcome.

And for others you are being encouraged this week to do a charity work.  Gather food, clothes and anything that could be useful for anyone who are underprivileged or in need at this time.  Or you can visit a friend that is either sick or going through some tough time this week to show them love and support.  Compassion, kindness and tolerance are also called for this week.

Peace and Love be with you always my friends!

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