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September 2020

September 2020

Happy September everyone! The cards for us this month all came out in reversed, and this may indicate some delays or a feeling of not moving forward. Which in reality, this is so true as we are all restricted due to the pandemic and also from an emotional perspective. The good news though is, we have the ability to turn challenging events into our advantage. So our assignment for this month is to figure out how we will do this.

The Eight Of Swords in the spread represents the first week of September. I love that this card came out in reversed actually, as it reminds us that we are capable enough to get out from the messy situations that we get ourselves into. The advise here is to decipher what led us to this harrowing position that we are in. Then, let us make a conscious effort to change it.

The Justice card will be the energy for the second week of the month. This encourages us to act what we know to be right and moral. It is also a reminder for us that we cannot touch, without being touched. What you put out will definitely bounced back at you. So it is really important to be mindful of our actions and deeds. For some, this card could be an indication of some legal cases that will take awhile to push through. Do not worry so much about it though, for Justice is in your favor.

Four Of Wands in the spread will influence our third week of September. This could bring about a little tension, a feeling of not being supported by the system and the people around you. A possible lack of motivation and focus are likely be a challenge for many of you this week. As you can see in the card, there is a fire or looks like a lava to me on the lower part, and this is moving towards the direction to a beautiful green landscape. Since, this came out in reversed, that means, you could experience some sort of edginess, discomfort and pressure. The advice here is to give yourself time to sort your energy out, and at the same time understand that these energies or feelings can be converted into something positive or perhaps to learn something new about yourself. Try to be really patient and understanding towards yourself and others during this time.

The Star card represents the fourth week of the month. This card is a reminder that there is hope and positive side on every events there is. Let us fire up our faith, confidence and eagerness within. Do not let mistakes or disappointment throw you off. You are very much qualified and armed to handle anything that comes your way. You are resilient, impenetrable and gutsy. Sometimes a thing must crumble and fall into pieces, in order for you to have the time and space to create something new. And whether this card came out upright or reversed, for me, this is a wish card. So make several wishes and allow the Universe and your angels bring those to you in divine time.

Blessings to all and stay safe always!

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DISCLAIMER:  The above reading is not meant to predict the future, nor must be taken literally.  You and the Divine alone has the power to direct your life in every way possible. The reading today are solely based on what cards have been drawn, and interprets the energies that surrounds it. The intention of the reading is to give us  guidelines and insights from any possible given collective energies of the day. 

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