Monthly Reading

September 2019

September 2019 

The first card in the spread represents the first week of the month. We have the Five Of Cups in reversed position. This is a great sign that you are now willing to step away from any old and limiting beliefs that no longer serves you in every level of your Being. You are now choosing to align yourself with what really matters to you most. Your happiness and peace of mind are your main priority at this time.  

The second card represents the second week for this month. The Eight Of Cups in reversed position. For me, this is a card that encourages you to follow whatever your heart/soul/intuition dictates you, as it will lead you towards your greatness and success in your life’s journey. It also suggest to try and go out from your comfort zone in order for you to explore and discover more there is. While being comfortable is a great state to be in, however, this can also stale your energy and eventually make you feel bored and uninspired. So it is crucial to engage yourself to any activities or hobbies that will contribute to your on-going growth and expansion. Dare yourself to do something that you find very hard and scary for a change, for when you do, you will discover something that you never have thought you had in you.

The third card represents the third week. The Judgement card which again in reversed position. My own interpretation of this card, however the position may be, is a card that reminds us that we shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves. We are all trying our best everyday and every moment to be a good person in every way possible. It is ok if you are not feeling at your best at times, or you made a mistake on whatever it is that you are working on that day, or perhaps you have some judgmental thought (meaning, you are not verbalizing it) to someone for the behavior that you do not find amusing at all. So what?! It is part of life. Instead of using your energy on being critical or to beat yourself up, create a space to learn from it, and look for ways to change it so that you can get a different outcome next time. Bless yourself no matter what. Lastly, this card is a reminder that you are being loved and watched over by your guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones in heaven. Know that they are with you always. 

Finally, we have the Ten Of Pentacles that represents the fourth week for this month. This is a card that brings you all the blessings that you need in your life. A great health, financial abundance, and most of all a loving and nurturing family life. Peace, Happiness and very positive energies are around you. It is a card that encourages you to stop once in a while and just enjoy the goodness and the richness of your surroundings, and the people in your life. Most of all, appreciate yourself more! You are the true wealth! You are the true hero! You are the true Divine Being in your own unique way. You are the true blessings one can have. You are the true Love and Light!

So, to wrap this all up. The over all energies for this month is all about explorations, new discoveries, travel, and truly loads of exhilarating and breathtaking experiences for many. It is a very thrilling and electrifying time to most of us. This is a month of reaping the true rewards of our hard work, dedication and our commitment to a life that we want to experience. Your guardian angels and all the celestial Beings are applauding you for a job well done. They are very proud to see you thrive and they want you to enjoy the fruit of your labor. You deserve it!

Best wishes!


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DISCLAIMER:  The above reading is not meant to predict the future, nor must be taken literally.  You and the Divine alone has the power to direct your life in every way possible. The reading today are solely based on what cards have been drawn, and interprets the energies that surrounds it. The intention of the reading is to give us  guidelines and insights from any possible given collective energies of the day. 

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