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April 8-14, 2019

April 8-14, 2019 

The spread for this week will aid many of us in releasing any false beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our greatest good.  Invite the Norse goddess, Freya and Archangel Michael into your space now to help guide and protect you during this period. 

For some, any shady times are now behind you. You are truly marching forward to a much brighter and shinier moments of your life. Your mind is clear and you are definitely ready for some new adventures.

For individuals that are thinking of adopting a child or a pet, then this spread pushes you to do so. Or the possibility of getting pregnant is very strong for some at this time.  This could also mean for some of you, a childhood trauma that needed to be dealt with through professional settings.  A great time to cut cords from your past, especially being the presence of Archangel Michael will be very dominant during this period.  

A possible invite from an event will come your way during this period for a few of you. This could be from an old friend or schoolmate. This spread encourages you as well to celebrate and acknowledge the dedication and hard work you have invested to get to where you are now in the present time.  

To others, you are being reminded that you have the ability to transform your life in any shape or form you desire. This is not the best time to give up on your yearning for peace and happiness that you deserve to experience.  Step into your God-given power, and create a life that you long for.  Anything is possible for you, as long as you are willing to work for it.

This week make sure that you acting from a place of love and understanding.  Your tendency to feel jealous or insecure for no valid reason, are not cool and frankly very immature.  Quit competing for selfish reasons, and avoid stepping on someones toe just to get to the top.  Be generous and supportive to everyone around you always.

Enjoy a great and relaxing week! Peace and love be with you always my friends.  Thank you for your love and support to my work. God bless and take care. I love you all.

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DISCLAIMER:  The above reading is not meant to predict the future, nor must be taken literally.  You and the Divine alone has the power to direct your life in every way possible. The reading today are solely based on what cards have been drawn, and interprets the energies that surrounds it. The intention of the reading is to give us  guidelines and insights from any possible given collective energies of the day. 

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