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April 2019

April 2019 

Our angel for the month of April 2019 is Archangel Raphael. His name means ‘God Heals’, and this powerful archangel is responsible for our over all well being. You can call upon Archangel Raphael whenever you are having health issues, and He will immediately work on your behalf. 

The main theme for us this month is to focus and attend to our personal interest and satisfaction.  We are being reminded that, it will be easier for us to give help and support to someone in need, when we are in our great condition ourselves.

For some, Archangel Raphael is assuring you that you will bounce back from any form of mental blues, or physical pain. To others, He advises you to continue the practice of self-care and love at all times.   

Many of you are being reminded to make sure that you are conscious or aware of your food intake or daily eating habits.  Also, drink loads of water.  A proper sleep and rest are called for as well.  For a few, you are being encouraged to eliminate any distractions that prevents you from sticking to your health regime.  Apply self-control and discipline daily.

This is a great month for contemplation and spiritual cleansing for many of us.  It is a period where we are encouraged to look within, and examine which behaviors must be changed or needed a slight adjustments so that we can continue to enhance and make our lives even better and brighter. 

We have the New Moon on the 5th of April, and this will bring to us great opportunities and a beginning of a new cycle. Job promotions are likely to happen for some of you, and possibly financial gain as well.

The energies of this month will help many of you in finding the right path for you.  Archangel Raphaels presence is very strong at this time, and He is looking forward working with you towards fulfilling your life goals. Make Archangel Raphael your best buddy for life!

Remember to make happy memories this month! Peace and Love be with you always my friends.  Thank you for your love and support to my work. I really appreciate it a lot.  God bless and take care. I love you all.


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DISCLAIMER:  The above reading is not meant to predict the future, nor must be taken literally.  You and the Divine alone has the power to direct your life in every way possible. The reading today are solely based on what cards have been drawn, and interprets the energies that surrounds it. The intention of the reading is to give us  guidelines and insights from any possible given collective energies of the day. 

9 thoughts on “April 2019

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  2. Im very strongly and appreciative of this insight. Hope that another yr brings blessings to me. For i will gain a yr in my life and will show all that can be accomplished. Thanks….

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  4. I have started consulting a nutritionist based on this, which I was putting off for a while. My focus is to be strong and fit and well. God bless you!

    1. Hi dear! Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that you are taking the proper steps to achieve your over well being. Keep me updated, if you will, on your journey towards being strong, fit and well. Im happy for you sister!

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