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Nov. 5 – 11, 2018

Nov. 5 – 11, 2018 

The spread for this week will help us determine what needed to be done in order for us to propel forward to a place where we will feel safe, empowered and in perfect harmony both inside and out.  It is a week full of choices, opportunities, decision-making and being in the right place and time.  Furthermore, this a great week to really visualize and act on our dreams, purpose and aspirations that we want to draw into our lives at this time.

The Seven of Cups came up in reversed, which indicates, for some, to view the choices being presented to you from a place of objectivity, in order for you to fully see the whole picture and also assess the possible outcome these choices can bring to you in the long run.  Do not get caught up with the glitters and gold, for chances are the shines won’t even last for a day.  Do some thorough research and examine carefully what is being offered to you.  Especially those you are thinking of purchasing a property or any valuable assets of some sort.

Court battle or hearing procedures will likely result a favorable outcome for some.  Property divisions or any settlement issues will possibly be finalized before the end of this year.  Misunderstandings or any petty disputes are also coming to an end at this time. Forgiveness and being forgiven are one of the theme for this week for many.

The Six of swords came also in reversed position here, and this represents a sort of delay or perhaps a set-back that you need to deal with once and for all so that you do not need to experience the same situation over and over again.  If you need help then do not hesitate or be afraid to ask for it.  If you really want your circumstances to change, then you need to take the necessary move to do so.  Never forget that you are capable of getting yourself out from a dire condition, to a place of power and ultimately love and peace.   

For some, this is a spread that encourages you to not dismissed, feel guilty or even hate yourself for feeling uncertain, vulnerable, weak and insecure.  These are normal human emotions that needs acknowledgment and to allow to move around your essence.  These low vibrational aspect of you will help you bring balance in your true nature.  You would not be able to appreciate security, if it wasn’t for your insecurities.  You won’t be able to appreciate light with out experiencing darkness.  You wouldn’t be strong, if it wasn’t from your moment of weakness and vulnerability.  All good and bad emotions are equally important to gain understanding of ones self.

If you feel some certain kind of jealousy of others, then ask yourself what is there to feel jealous about?  And when you pin point the cause of your jealousy, then let it motivate you to bring about into your life those aspects that made you feel jealous about from others in the first place.  Just make sure that you won’t be hurting someone down the road from achieving what others have in your life.  Because that would be very unhealthy and not cool of course.  What you wish to have in your life can be yours through working on it and taking the steps towards fulfilling those desires and wishes.  Even those who were born with a silver spoon, still works they way up, and find meaning in their lives.

This week is a call for balance and avoid judging others harshly.  Never forget that no one is better than the other.  If you find yourself thinking negatively towards others, remember to pause and examine your own self, as chances are you also carry it within.  Your charms and appealing look will be pretty much intensify at this time for you.  Social activities and meeting up with friends for a small talk or just to enjoy each others company are strong as well.

The New Moon is coming up this Wednesday,  which will bring a brand new time and period for us for the next 20 something days.  This is an ideal moment to straighten up your priority list, and start taking the appropriate steps on making each on the list possible for you. Expect to be clear and sharp at this time.  Empathy must practice as well, so that it will be easier for you to understand where others are coming from.  Increased in alcohol consumptions, cravings for sweets or foods, and even sex drive are very strong as well this time.  Practice moderation! 

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