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Oct. 15 – 21, 2018

Oct. 15 – 21, 2018 

The spread for us this week is reminding us that we are all created Divine and connected with everything there is as a whole.  We are sent to this lifetime to really make a difference in every way possible.  Each of us has a major role to play to ensure that our existence along with the planet or the Universe will continue to grow, evolve and expand in a grand way.  So the question now is who am I and what is my role?  How can I make a difference? And where will I begin? 

The energies lately has been really intense and powerful, and I sense it will continue to be so in weeks to follow.  Many are being pushed and even forced to break free from an outdated way of thinking and ineffective ways of living life.  This is a very potent time to give birth to the new YOU.  You are being encouraged to re-invent your life according to your hearts yearning, and take action to accomplish your dreams and goals you set for yourself.

The Universe and your guides will be directing you to the path of what you are called to do on this lifetime.  And the best way to know what this may be for you is through alone time, isolated from the noise and distractions of this busy world.  For only in stillness you will hear the voice of your heart and your spirit guides.

For some of you who are wanting to get pregnant, the first card is definitely a confirmation that you will indeed.  This is also a card that suggests to do some chakra cleansing, healing and recharging to get your mind, body and soul flow in a balanced and harmonious way.  As often times, when one of the chakras are either closed or overactive, the energy movement in our bodies becomes clogged and it could affect our over all well-being.  There are many different modalities out there that you can apply and practice for yourself, or you could also try to find someone who are expert on this subject.  Cutting the cords of your past are also called for.  Call upon Archangel Michael to help free you from the bondage of your past, and feel the lightness and easiness on your shoulder after.  Ask also Archangel Uriel to illuminate your mind and heart so that you can go forward with ease and confidence.

Many of you will be entering a new phase in your life at this time.  This could be interpreted in many different ways here for each of you since this is after all a general reading, and I am picking up different kinds of scenarios from several individuals.  Nevertheless, this is definitely a positive thing indeed.  The portal of possibilities and abundance in every aspect of your life will be presented to you here.  A possible overseas employment or getting your degree from another state or country are very strong as well.  It also indicates an opportunity to travel to the places you wish to see and experience.

Trading or selling products or any form of services could potentially reach around the globe. Photographer, journalist, artist, free thinkers, scientist, doctors and scholars, or any product influencer or models are very much in the cycle of earning great financial boom and loads of projects to work on, and/or possibly receiving a prestigious award for their work or creation.

Others will be confident and equipped enough to take the leap of faith, no matter how odd this may be.  You are very much certain that your ideas or inventions are bound to succeed and rewards you the stability and a solid financial security for you.  Collaborations of people or groups from different sector are very much strong and likely to occur this week or at least before the end of the year.  Shipments and other form  of import and export establishments are definitely on a roll and very much packed with so much boost and upswing financial gain.  Tourism or travel agencies are also expected to flourish and will intensify more in the years to come.

This is a week of self-discovery, taking risks, boldness and the strong will in making your vision come to life.  Now is the perfect moment for you to shine your light and make the move that will bring forth the result you want and desires.  It is not enough to just visualize the person or the life you wanted to experience, you have to take that step in making it visible and tangible.  You are not just motivated and ready to soar high, but you are also focus and determined to bring heaven on earth.  Impossible means Im-possible and capable of creating a life full of magic, excitement, abundance, joy, inner peace and a meaningful life.

Thank you for your love and support to my work.  I really appreciate it a lot.  Peace and Love be with you always my friends.

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