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Oct. 8-14, 2018

Oct. 8-14, 2018

This spread is bringing you both practical and clever resolutions to whatever complicated issues that will be presented to you this week.  Yes, it may feel exhausting and probably energy draining for you, but there is no predicament that you won´t be able to handle and deal with.  You are strong and wise person, and will always overcome any concerns that comes your way.

You are being encouraged to stay calm and keep a sharp mind at this time, so that you can act accordingly and effectively on the issues at hand.  If you do not have to respond right away to the situation, then that´s good, for this will give you the time to come up with a better solution on the matter.  Use this moment to still your heart and mind, and allow the wisdom and knowledge to come through you.  Ask your angels to reveal to you what you needed to know with regards to your concerns.

For some of you who are facing financial strain or health issues at this time, know that help is possible for you.  Do not be afraid to seek professional advice from different institutions or public offices with regards to your status.  Or perhaps, try some alternative approach to your health problems.  There are tons of different tactics and strategies that you can use in order to improve your life.  You just have to be willing to look for it, and find which one will actually works for you.  Be open to trying new concepts and ideas that could potentially change your circumstances in a positive and prosperous way.

For some of you, you will be pushed to make a move to expand your horizon.  You are becoming more and more clear with what you want to achieve and do with your life.  You are now free of the pain of your past, and will no longer play the role of a victim.  You are refreshed, rejuvenated and determined to commit in creating an abundant and colorful life for you.  Positive opportunities will be showing up for you this week.

This is a time for many to discard any old limiting beliefs about yourself.  Throw away that no longer serves your highest good and start building a solid foundation of who you truly are.  Live consciously and be mindful of the choices you will make now and in the future so that you can experience a life with no regrets and resentments attached to it.

This week make sure that you are making a decision from a place of love and truth, instead of fear and despair.  Try to be honest with yourself and others.  If you are suffering from any form of addiction in gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping or whatever unhealthy pattern you may have, then now is the time to do something about it to stop further pain and suffering for both you and your loved ones.

You are being reminded as well that any unnecessary worries and anxieties will not help your situation to improve.  Be aware or conscious of your challenging conditions, then take responsible actions to ensure better outcome.

And for others you are being encouraged this week to do a charity work.  Gather food, clothes and anything that could be useful for anyone who are underprivileged or in need at this time.  Or you can visit a friend that is either sick or going through some tough time this week to show them love and support.  Compassion, kindness and tolerance are also called for this week.

Peace and Love be with you always my friends!

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