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October 2018

October 2018

Let us give thanks and gratitude for the lessons and blessings of the last month for us, and open our heart and welcome the month of October.  Archangel Uriel is here for us to guide and assist us with anything that we need.  His name means “The Light of God”.  He is the archangel that can bring in to us the inspirations, insights and wisdom that are beneficial for us to gain clarity and arise above challenges and trials that comes our way.  And just so know, you need to give archangel Uriel permission to work on your behalf, as angels do honor your free will.  Converse with the angels the same way you chat with your friends.

Archangel Uriel encourages you to pay attention to your thoughts and ideas that will come to you, as they are the answered prayers.  Often times the answer could also come from repetitive informations you see all around you, or it could be from people that you engage yourself with in a daily basis.  This could also be accessed through daily meditation practice.  Be alert!

This month of October will bring about abundance and great health for you.  Business establishments of any form can be expected to grow and prosper at this time.  If you are planning to start a business, then this is a great month to do so.  A lot of achievements, success and victory for many of us.  The rainbow on the picture symbolizes prosperity, good luck, answered prayer, spiritual advancement and being literally on top of the world.  Mountains indicates progression and or an upgrade to your living condition.  This card offers you mental clarity and a strong will to make your life the way you wanted it to be.

For those of you who are thinking of quitting your job this month, not really an ideal time to do so, unless you will be jumping on to another new and better working place, then by all means go for it.  But if you are going to resign just because you are finding it difficult to get along with your boss, colleagues or simply you do not enjoy your job any longer, and have no job replacement yet, then I advise you to wait at least by the end of this year.

A lot of you will be taking healthy steps and actions towards improving your circumstances at this time.  You are very much in alignment with your true essence of Being, and this will make you reach a new level of understanding about yourself and others as well.  You can expect to handle everything that comes your way.  You no longer need any form of approval from others, as you are now very independent and have a strong mind of your own.

You or someone you know on the other hand, are still not realizing how amazing and capable you can be.  You do not need to depend on others, and completely lose your sense of power just because they are telling you that you are not good enough, and you will be nothing with out them.  The truth is, it is them that will turned out empty and crashed without you.  It is time for you to step up and bring back your dignity and pride.  Do not be afraid to start all over again from the scratch.  Build a life that fits you and the way you wanted it to be.  Take that small step forward, and the rest will begin to unfold itself naturally for you, as long as you are willing and ready to do so.

October is all about balance, fairness and justice.  If you see something that is not quite right, then say or do something!  Do not allow others to degrade and disrespect you.  You are valuable and unique.  When you start to respect, love and cherish yourself, then others will start treating you the same way you treat yourself.  It also goes with the saying that you cannot give, what you do not have.

This card encourages you to use and pay more attention to your intuition. Your ability to sense or your knowingness will lead you forward to your greatness.  Each in everyone of us are born intuitive, and this is a very valuable gift that we all possess to help us navigate our way towards our life´s purpose.

This card is full of light and love just by looking at it.  Its a picture of grace, stability and standing firm and confident.  It´s telling you that anything is possible for you, if you just focus and believe in your own magic and ability to achieve everything you want to attain.  If you are having challenges and trouble finding the right way for you, call upon the Divine and Archangel Uriel, and ask their help.  Believe it to see the results!

Peace and love be with you always!  Live well and prosper my friends!  Happy birthday to you Libras!!



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