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Sept. 23 – 29, 2018

Sept. 23 – 29, 2018

Our life consists of ups and downs on a daily basis.  There are times that we are feeling ecstatic and inspired, and there are moments that it makes us think that we are bogged down by our responsibilities and duties that we all have to do to survive in this world.  Life is not meant to be easy, without these unpredictable influx of energies, we would not be able to grow, evolve and expand.  And that is the beauty of life, it is full of positive  surprises and at the same time it could also make us feel uncertain to some degree.  The only thing that is certain and permanent in this world, is the unconditional love and light of God and the angels for us all. 

The ten and nine of swords came up reversed on this spread, which indicates an ending to the  pain, sufferings or even a feeling of confusion or defeat.  You are now remembering your true function and purpose in this lifetime, and that is to live in a state of love, bliss, joy and to serve others.  You are now turning your personal challenges and trials into a personal victory and have acquired a new found understanding about your spiritual essence of Being.  You can stand tall and be proud to say, been there, done that!  On to my next chapter!

The swords in tarot are associated with our intellect, communications, power and ambition.  These two cards are pretty much the dominating energies this week in general.  It is important to communicate your idea to others in a clear and intellectual way in order for these ideas to result to a powerful rewards for you in a stable and strong manner.  Your ambition to live a meaningful life are very possible for you this week.  So you better sell your goods right!

The Universe are applauding you for the extra ordinary warrior that you are.  You did not give up on what you know it is true and right for you, despite of what your ego thought to be failing. You kept on going! It is not you that is physically squashed here, but your ego self.  And as you diminish the power of your ego mind,  you are now able to create a new set of belief, rules and values that resonates well with your majestic Being.  And while you may not be able to control what is yet to come,  you can however control your internal response to the events that will be presented to you, and feel secured on the fact that you are being guided, protected and surrounded by the board of Divine directors of love and light all the way for the rest of your life.

For some of you, you are being encouraged to slow down this week, and make sure that you are getting enough sleep and proper nourishment that your body needs, especially during this season of change.  Ginger tea is very good to drink at this time, as it helps boost your immune system, and warms up your body.  Reducing a few unhealthy distractions and omitting some irrelevant activities in your to-do list are also called for here.  Lots of rest for you dear one.

For those of you who are working 5 or even 6 times a week and works long hour each day,  make sure that you are taking a few minutes break every few hours and do some stretching exercise and practice conscious breathing as well, as it will help you energize your mind and body and make you function more well and effectively.

You or someone you know will probably need a lot of help at this time.  This could be in relation to finishing a school projects, home renovations, or perhaps you need to intervene between a family or marital conflicts to dispel tensions and discords, and help these souls restores the peace and harmony in their lives.  It could also that you or someone you know needs to go to a rehab or mental facility of some sort to get this individual the help they need and put an end to this dis-ease once and for all.  Your love and support are very much needed here.  In fact, as you pray to give thanks and gratitude to the Divine Source, you can also include every living souls on this planet to be blessed as well with love and light.  That is a gift that you can give to others for free, yet powerful!

And for those of you who are trying to date and get to know someone on a romantic level, make sure that you are genuine and sincere to this person.  And if you´re not somehow sure about this person yet, then be honest and inform this individual regarding dating others as well, for you are in a hunt to really find someone you wanted to get involve yourself with exclusively.  This is to avoid misunderstanding and potential heartbreak for someone in the process.  Sometimes, we tend to misunderstood the language of love and lust, when we like and fond of someone.  So be open and transparent about your intention when it comes to this part.

I cannot believe that we are now entering into the last of week of September.  Time flies so fast indeed, especially if you are enjoying every minute of it.  I am so grateful for everything!!!  I am so grateful for all the love and support you give to my work my friends.  Thank you so much!  We are truly blessed and very fortunate to be able to give love and peace, and receives it as well.   I love you all!!

Sending you my warm and tight virtual hugs!:-)

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