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Sept. 16-22, 2018

Sept. 16-22, 2018 

The strong theme on this weeks reading is about relationships in any form, may it be to yourself, family, friends, relatives, and even co-workers.  On last weeks reading I pointed out a very challenging shadow side of us.  And it may be hard to swallow to learn the truth, however, it also gave us the opportunity to not only change our behavior, but also improved our ability to relate to others and of course to ourselves.  Our renewed spirit and a brand new frame of mind will now open us up to attract more love, beauty, grace, contentment, peace and joy in our space.

For those of you who were able to forgive those who have wronged or hurt you in the past, you are so blessed!  You are the true master and the enlightened one.  Your love and light so great and vast that you bring healing and positive energy on the planet and also to humanity.  Keep on shining my friend!

Many of you are getting more unruffled and certain about what you want to do in your life at this time.  You are more determined than ever in following your true calling.  Everything you need will be given to you without exerting any effort.  A very powerful week for you indeed!

Some of you will be pushed to a different direction this week.  It is important for you to trust the unknown, and allow yourself to be led by the Divine force within. The detour will bring about a great reward and success to your journey.  Stay alert and keep a sober mind so you that you can adjust to this new territory you are about to enter.

Intimate relationships will be experiencing a new level of connection towards one another this week.  It is important to keep the romance alive and exciting.  Appreciate one another and express your passion through an honest and open communication and attend to each others needs.  Take the time to really give your full attention to your partner, and truly connect to one another in order to build a solid foundation to your partnership.  For those who are single out there,  do not worry and even sweat on this subject, for the right one is just around the corner for you.  Keep yourself sharp, seductive and of course truthful.

Those of you who are working as a social worker, coach/mentors, or therapist, you are being encouraged to look after your well-being.  While it is not easy for you to detach yourself from your profession at times, however, it is important that you always remember to be objective and exercise a solid boundaries to those individuals that you are trying to help or rescue.

This spread brings you the blessings of love and good health in your life at this time.  You will find yourself surrounded with individuals that will bring the best of you this week.  You are also being encouraged to believe and trust in your dreams and ideas. You are truly gifted and an important part of this universe that we all live in.  Stay humble and grateful for all that you have or will have in your life at all times.  As you do, you not only raises your vibration, you are lifting up others as well.

Let us channel the energies of the spread in to our lives this week.  And practice tolerance, compassion and generosity to those who are going through rough times in their lives.  Lastly, trust and have faith that you are always safe, protected, blessed and worthy enough.  Invite also in your guardian angels into your life, and allow them to guide you in a daily basis.  Peace and Love be with you always my friends!

Sidenote:  Thank you for your love and support to my work. I love you all! Check out the September reading here: http://www.energy-giver.com/2018/08/22/pilgrimage/ 

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