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September 9 – 15, 2018

Sept. 9 – 15, 2018

Such an interesting spread we have for this week.  Its so brutally on point, yet I have a feeling that  some will not be willing to admit it.  We all have the tendency to obsess, get attached and lastly think little of our self.  But the truth is we are all spiritual beings in nature.  We are part and one with the Universe or Divine.  The past and future are pretty much no value in a sense.  What really matters for each of us lies in the now.  Our present moment.  When you allow yourself to open up to the gift of the present moment, your divine being will then emerges, and you will immediately feel empowered by the experience.  Try it!

For some of you, the first card is a great reminder that success, prosperity, victory or whatever it is that you desire to happen in your life are pretty much possible to manifest.  How? Know what you truly and honestly want and need in your life.  Connect with your heart and listen to it.  The treasure you are looking for is in the center of your heart.  Once you find it, you can now start taking conscious steps and actions to go forward with it.

Now this may sound harsh and insensitive in a way but I really have to share this.  For some, you are being reminded to work on your jealousy, insecurities and unnecessary attachments to people or accumulation of things.  Especially those who hoards excessively (I am very guilty on this part because I have an addiction to oracle and tarot decks), and to those who clings to their partner in an unhealthy manner.  And for those who have been dumped by their partner, or perhaps your partner cheated on you.  Before you react to it, take a deep breathe and be real with yourself here.  You are the reason why this happens.  Whether you admit to this or not. You need to hear the truth so that you can choose to either change your behavior or stay your way.  And just put the blame on others.  Your choice. For others, who are doing all the best to please your partner, yet somehow still have the audacity to cheat on you.  You can either dump your partner, or forgive your partner.  Again it´s your choice.

 The majority of you are very fortunate to be able to continue in the cycle of abundance and over all well being.  And the energy of nine of cups for me, speaks about wishes being fulfilled.  Prayers are being heard and answered.  Fruitful and brilliant ideas that could potentially generate an overflowing of income.  It could also be for some, a wedding proposal or perhaps a new job or promotion of some sort.  For others, this card could point you to the right farm house you are thinking to manage or maybe purchase.  Or finding a new place to run a business.  Basically, this is a card that brings you what you need in the right moment.  So this is the focal part on this weeks reading.  We are indeed very much blessed, loved, protected and safe.  The Universe are truly co-creating with us on a daily basis, and The Divine wants the best for us all.

This is a week of change and transitions in every ways for many.  For others, you will feel a sudden shift in your way of thinking.  And this shift will ultimately lead you towards your goal in life.  Many will experience some sense of clarity and freedom in their lives this week.  Especially those who were able to let go of their emotional baggages from the past.  Definitely a quiet and peaceful time for many of us.  Harmony and unity are also very much strong for many in terms of family life, intimate relationship and your career.  An absolute easy and inspiring week!

Let us do our best to act and think right this week.  Be kind and practice tolerance to one another. Let us be brave enough to admit to our mistakes and shortcomings, so that we can make way to improve our lives in a positive way.  Peace and love be with you always!

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