Weekly reading

Sept. 2-8, 2018

Sept. 2 – 8, 2018

Weekly reading

Looks like we are going to be busy this week as always.  Many of you will be presented with loads of projects, business opportunities and great employment offer that will absolutely bring about tremendous financial gain and stability in your life.  Your passion, drive and tenacity to succeed in every way possible are very much the driving force behind your grand slam accomplishments.  Keep your mind super focus and charge with confidence and courage.

This week will be very intense for most of us, but in a good and positive way.  The Universal energies will be directing you to the places, people and situations that will help your life prosper and ultimately live with purpose.  Exercise flexibility and adaptability so that you can work your way through these fierce energies this week.   

For some of you are being reminded to work on your priority list, and make sure you are only taking up what matters to you most.  Divide your time effectively and wisely.  Stick to your plan to avoid exhaustion and the possibility of burning yourself out at the end.  Self-love and care must be a top priority always.

Avoid people, places and situations that could potentially drain the life out of you.  If you are expose to a working environment that are pretty much in competition with each other, as supposed to work as a team, then you have to either walk away from it, or make it a mission to bring light and love to your colleagues.  Do not let their behavior get to you, and just put your attention to the task that are assigned to you for the day.  Pour out your love and light to your work place to dispel any unwanted vibe in the space.  You can also put some crystal stones on your working table to bring harmony, peace and balance to the place.  This is where your tolerance and compassion could really put into practice.  Isn´t that exciting!

Some of you are being called to fight for those you are experiencing injustice, neglect and rejection from either our society or government institutions.  Be the voice of those who are being deprived of their rights in any form.  Or perhaps you have a friend or someone you know who are experiencing some kind of abuse and neglect.  Do not keep this to yourself.  Reach out to any authorities that handles these cases.

Others are being encouraged to make sure you are in the right mind when making decisions that could potentially alter yours or someone else´s life.  Impulsive actions could either contribute to the situation in a positive way, or the other way around.  Take the time to pause and contemplate on the issue.  I am sensing you or someone close to you suddenly decides to move to a new location or some sort.  Hoping for a fresh start perhaps.  Only you who knows the correct way to do it.

It is possible for some of you to meet someone new this week.  This individual could either come from a foreign land or from another state or district.  My advise, take it slow, and just enjoy the getting to know each other kind of energy.  If you are currently in a happy relationship,  it is likely that you are both planning a short road trip, or literally taking a horse back riding activity by the end of the week.  Hiking are also a great idea to spend time together.

This is a week of taking actions to further enhance your skills and talents.  These energies are bringing you the inspirations, progress, stability and strong drive to attain great things in this world.  Expect to feel more confident, in alignment to your own truth, in high spirit, vigor and waggish.  The only thing you should be concerned though, or at least be aware of during this time, is that you must spend your money wisely.  Remember to save up a couple of hundreds, or at least make it last until the next pay check.

Start your week with a positive mind set and cheerfulness.  Positive thoughts attracts positive experiences.

Have a great week and blessings to you always! I love you all!


Energy Giver

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